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After 5pm every day, Koffee turns into Koffee Afterdark.  We turn the lights down, and we start serving some delicious red and white wines and a handful of carefully selected craft beers.  

I'm not going to list the wine and beers we are carrying right now, because we switch them up so often and we'll likely forget to update this website.  So, if you wish to pierce the veil of secrecy  of what we have in store for you... you are going to have to come in and visit.

Bars suck.

My wife and I used to go out.  Now, bars have become too loud, too crowded and too obnoxious.  Or maybe I’ve just gotten too old.  The last time I went to a bar, I just wanted to punch someone.   In either case, my definition of a fun, enjoyable evening has changed.

I love hanging out with friends, talking, laughing and drinking wine or a fine craft beer.   I enjoy taking the time to get to know someone special, reconnect with an old friend, deepen friendships and get to know co-workers and neighbors.   This is Koffee Afterdark.    We are the  ”hang-out-and-enjoy-a drink-and-good-conversation” place.

If you prefer to get completely trashed,  hit on strangers, yell in each others ear over shots of bad tequilla while the latest trashy Miley Cyrus hit booms over the sound system ……. this is NOT the place for you.  Crown Street  has a bunch of meat-markety places for you – go there.  You will be happy there.

Lets wine.

Wine is a funny drink.  It has some kind of strange mystique that I’ve never understood.  It is associated with snooty people hanging out in snooty places, talking snootily about a wine’s ‘timbre’, ‘essence’, ‘legs’, ‘leave’ and ‘oak-blackberry finish’.   What the hell is that all about anyhow?     Nice wine is delicious.   Nibble on some good cheese while you drink wine?  Amazing!!  Love it!!

An interesting fact about wine I’ve learned?  Higher prices do NOT mean better wines.   Do you remember the book that came out  in 2005 “Freakanomics” by the University of Chicago Economist Steven Levitt?  Well, this same Steve Levitt wrote an article about the Wine market (pricing vs. quality)  for the Opinion Page of the New York Times on December 10, 2010.   Follow this link to the article if you want to read more about this:

In short, what he found was that there was surprisingly little connection between price and perceived quality of wines… not even the wine connieseurs (in many cases) could pick the expensive, well-known wines from the  inexpensive (relatively unknown) wines.   In short – you dont need to spend alot of money to get a wine that taste really good.

Thus began my quest to find delicious wines at reasonable prices.   Sure enough, after much searching, and taste testing (yeah yeah, poor me.  such a tough job having to taste all that wine), we came across six wines that just blew my hair back… so darned good, yet inexpensive.   

Please note – I'm not going to bother writing a description of the wines.   I do not possess the beautiful florid language needed to write that stuff.   Were it up to me, I’d simply write “This wine is good – damn good”.  Or  ”This wine is white, and not sweet, but still damn good – I think I smell some flower in there”.       As far as I’m concerned, writing about wine is like dancing a cha-cha to describe a Shakespeare sonnet.    It never works very well.   You might as well just read Shakespere…. or in this case, just drink the damn wine.

We look forward to seeing you at Koffee Afterdark