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That right!  Koffee now has cocktails!  

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Six delicious coffee or tea-based concoctions that are guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds.

The HOT selection:

Irish Coffee:   the classic.  fresh-brewed coffee mixed with some irish whisky and a couple other *secret* ingredients will make you smile.  

Moka Tan: a warm, chocolaty, creamy beverage with shots of deep spiced rum, Irish cream, Ghiradelli chocolate and an espresso shot will turn your eyes backward.  

Fireside Tea:  This is for the mellow tea drinker.   Starting with a steeped Organic Italian Bergamot tea, we add some light citrus, caramelly brown sugar and black rum with molasses overtones.    Sip and sigh.  

The COOL selection:

Bourbon Squishee - this delightful melange of citrus (orange and lemon), light green tea and some smooth southern bourbon blended with ice until it reaches its silky perfection.  The ideal summer drink.

Fly Be Free: an iced Earl Grey with home-made lemonade, lime juice and a touch of cinnamon equals a cool drink that just goes down too easy. 

Espresso Martini:  another classic.  triple-carbon filtered vodka, espresso and a secret ingredient that makes this the best espresso martini in town.  Dont ask what the secret ingredient is - you dont want to know.